04 Dec 18

World trends in agricultural production and consumption

The years pass and, like almost everything, some strands fall into disuse, giving way to others. With agriculture, this is no different. To follow the trends of agricultural production in the coming years is to be up to date with the most modern in the sector.

And that’s not all. By knowing and following the news, the producer can optimize his work as a whole, be it in storage, production, harvest or transport. As a result, productivity increases as well as profits.

These are items that are not only accessible to large producers. Small entrepreneurs can also enjoy the news and boost their business.

From now on, be aware of trends in agricultural production for the next few years, worldwide.

Trends in agricultural production

Something that has been observed in recent years and which should continue, at least in the near future, is a better use of the cultivated area. Production has grown, but without increasing the space reserved for production.

This is perfect for those who do not have a lot of space, but want to increase and diversify their work.

This trend is due to the increased use of technology in agriculture. In fact, this is the preponderant factor for the growth of production, rather than the acquisition of new areas.

The management of all work must also rely increasingly on technological resources as allies. Through specific software, you can control everything using not only the computer, but also tablets and smartphones.

This allows the crop to be accompanied even from a distance.

It can also be considered a trend in agricultural production to change the way of working, not only by the needs of the producer, but also by the behavior of the consumer.

The public has been changing their way of thinking, mainly by worrying more about health. Therefore, there is a greater concern with the origin of each food.

Faced with this situation, how should the producer proceed?

The most efficient way is to have transparency throughout the production process. Each country has its agricultural production standards and in Brazil the scenario is no different. Following them is already the first step.

However, since this is a strong trend in agricultural production, it is important to have a differential, something that makes its product unique and that arouses consumer interest. Organic agriculture – or any sustainable attitude – can be considered an originality.

And, without leaving the subject of sustainability, something that has already been commented on is the possibility that the energy derived from oil will end in the future, due to the scarcity of this resource. Therefore, other alternatives can and should be considered by producers, such as wind, solar and bioenergy.

To know more about trends in agricultural production in Brazil and worldwide, visit the other texts of the blog and visit it always to check the news of the sector. Comment on any questions or to have more information about a specific topic.

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