04 Dec 18

Veadeiro Plateau’s Fire, in Goiás State (Brazil), is considered the largest in history

Alto Paraíso (GO) – The fire started on October 17th and still in progress is the largest in the history of the National Park of Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO). As of Tuesday night, fire has burned 62,000 hectares, equivalent to 26% of the total conservation area, which occupies 240,000 hectares.

But the damage is worse.  Added to the other four fires started and erased since October 10th, about 75 thousand hectares were burned. Throughout the year, the fire consumed 82 thousand hectares. More than the entire old area of ​​the reserve, which was 65,000 hectares. The size was enlarged by means of a portaria signed by the President of the Republic, Michel Temer, in July.

The information is from the director of the park, Fernando Tatagiba. “We have a device considered ideal, but total control and the extinction of the fire will only come with a heavy rain, which is scheduled for Friday. Let’s hope,” he said.

The balance, however, doesn’t take into account the area burned outside the National Park of Chapada. Farms and private reserves also suffer from a series of fire.

On Wednesday, the Moon Valley, one of the region’s most famous tourist attractions, was hit hardest. The fire arrived at a nearby inn, where it burned a bungalow.

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