04 Dec 18

The farmer: give us this day our daily food table!

At last july 28th, we comemorated the Farmer’s Day, who is the responsible for cultivate grains, seeds and vegetables, that is, an extremely present figure in our lives, once that the biggest part of food we put on our table, even if we don’t imagine, passes in farmer hands.

During the breakfast, that sweety and tasty fruit. On lunch time, a great lettuce’s sallad with tomatoes escorting the basic and famous rice and beans (in Brazil). On the late afternoon, why not some walnut or chestnut for reduce the hunger and wait for dinner? And we must not forget that special, holy and daily coffee.

It’s known that the agriculture and agribusiness are the two main capital’s sources of Brazil. According with the Agriculture and Livestock Confederation of Brazil (CNA), the two sector contributed together with 23,5% of country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2017, in addition being the only two economical’s segments that have jobs creation increasing last year and, including, colaborating for reduce the brazilian’s inflation.

Therefore, we must assign the due value for this great professional of agricultural main. So, congrats for all the farmers in the world!

Inovation & Tecnology – A research from Strider, a Minas Gerais State born company that is focused in technology for the crop fields and have about 600 great producers of all the brazilian country, showed that 33% of them already uses sofwares for production’s monitoring and fleet’s management on farms. In Southeast properties, these processes is reaching about 70%.

In fact, the new digital technologies for the field had being shown determinant for the increases of productivity in pastures and crop in all the World. A more precise view about that solucions being drawing the attention of the startups ecosystem that is focused on that segment, giving clear sinals of warming of this market.

It’s the case of Sintecsys, for exemple.

Some data from INPE (National Institute of Space Research), revealed that the fire in forest and crop areas already increased 52% this year, if compared with the same season (from january to july) of last year.

One of the cause of fire in forest and crop areas have being, for sure, the longer time dry weather in 2018. But the firefighters and specialists draw attention for the deforestation and for the ambiental degradation, like the responsibles factors for fire outbreak enlargement.

In this case, we understand that the agribusiness challenge, without any doubt, remain many! But, for a sector that already have being growing with large steps in last decades, it’s just evidence that the brazilian farmer already understand and recive the technology innovations that is available in his favor, enabling gains of productivity and in this way, follow writting more one chapter of this success history!

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