The 7 technological innovations that are changing farms

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The use of new technological systems, the search for advances in the production technique, the constant practices of the modernization in the execution, inherent in the agricultural area, help in the process of the activities in the field.

With the objective of returning in countless benefits, the use of technology enables the reduction of costs, such as fertilizers and pesticides, promotes higher productivity, increased production, compared to the manual process, and ensures risk prevention in the area, such as the monitoring of possible fires in the extension area, resulting in the ease of management, adding practicality throughout the process.

Technological methods in the field vary according to the producer’s need. Its main aspects are in reducing environmental impact and increasing employee safety through reliable methods that reduce the possibility of failures and errors.

High tech plantations

Observing the world’s food production capacity with disproportionate population growth has resulted in the creation of indoor farms that use techniques that are capable of producing 100 times more than in ordinary rural areas.

The aspects of temperature and adequate lighting enable faster growth of development than in natural production sites.

Compared to conventional mode, production on these farms by means of special LED lamps ensures energy savings and waste. Another important feature of this technology is that this procedure does not use agrochemicals.

This technological system arose through the use of sensory sequences and automated study systems that result in the guarantee of the utilization of resources used. The use of high tech plantations is a great solution coupled with quantity and quality.

Drones são usados como técnica de levantamento da produção fazendeira e garantem ótimos resultados na parceria com os produtores

The insertion of remotely manipulated equipment arose from the need for greater control in the areas of rural production. In addition to the ability to detect pests in the plantation, the drone allows real-time monitoring of the entire process.

The use of the drone provides better execution in the measurement and counting of the crop, through infrared sensors that analyze the health of the plantation and accompany the necessity of essential elements in the process, waters and inputs.

Mobile Cow

This technological project aims to promote the improvement of milk properties and hygienic conditions linked to the production process. The Mobile Cow, present in several Brazilian States, inserts efficient techniques of control and monitoring of the milk.

The performance of the mobile unit is made through analyzes that show adequate standards of nutritional and sanitary quality. Soon after the results and the necessary adjustments, the recommendations are made to the producers of the area.

Use of electronic tags in bovine marking

Etiquetas de marcação bovina: Medida tecnológica adotada para definir a origem, o estado e a segurança do gado.

In order to assist rural producers, the technique of bovine identification and monitoring is able to provide different recorded information on the life of the animal.

This method of technological control offers food security to consumers, because through it, it is possible to know the origin of the cattle and the processes that were used during its creation. The electronic label also has important functionality in health security – by using it, it is possible to identify nonconformities, such as illnesses.

Quality in the identification of livestock is allied with correct references of the whole process until its adult formation. The registration system is performed by RFID, a technique that associates the use of a chip and antenna to transmit information to a computer.

Pest and disease control application

The control of the field is done with the performance of specialized professionals who send information through the application, fill the characteristics of the area analyzed and, consequently, generate a technical assessment report.

Adopted by producers of soy, cotton and coffee, the method is considered an effective advance for the identification, control and combat of pests and infestations, as it shows the exact level and locations of the actions, besides establishing the necessary measures in the combat operation.

Behavior detection collar of bovine animals

Able to monitor the behavior of cattle, the behavior detection collar is placed around the animal’s neck and through it are collected and recorded movement data. When they pass through the antennas installed in the producer’s domain area, the data recorded on the collars is sent to the computer and then analyzed.

The study of the data collected in different situations in which the animal can meet. This monitoring process makes it possible to prevent only one of them, as well as the entire herd, in health.

This technological application is aimed at reader producers, however, with emphasis on the prevention of the greater discard of herds. Research is being carried out in several areas.

Fire Monitoring

O investimento em controle de incêndios torna a área produtora segura de riscos.

Different forms can result in fires in the rural area, being aggravated in times of drought and rain shortage. Tem-se que seus principais motivos estão relacionados às ações humanas, como a simples prática de jogar pontas de cigarro perto de plantações, soltar balões e queimar o lixo inadequadamente. These behaviors result in great damage and irreparable losses.

The fire causes damage to the soil, preventing the return of the planting by flooding and erosion, causes death or weakening of vegetation, as well as causing the death of animals.

Developed to reduce the damage caused by fires, the fire monitoring technology monitors the producing areas and accurately and quickly detects the first signs of smoke in the affected region, ensuring better control of large-scale firefighting.

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