04 Dec 18

Startups boost agribusiness gains

Companies develop technologies that bring the 4.0 revolution to the field and help optimize production, control and management

The agrotehs, startups that offer technologies geared to agribusiness, are helping to further boost the segment responsible for 22% of the national GDP, which in 2017 was R $ 6.6 trillion.

While some offer solutions that contribute to increased productivity, others help decision making by analyzing large amounts of data. Among them is CowMed, by Thiago Martins, who monitors and evaluates nutritional, sanitary and reproductive issues of cows. “I jest that our big deal is to express the ‘opinion’ of the cow to the producer.”

A tecnologia é embarcada em coleira usada pelos animais. “The equipment issues data on rumination behavior, which is an indicator of animal health.” Product development began in 2010 and was launched two years ago.

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Souce: Jornal O Estado de S. Paulo (Estate of S. Paulo Journal)

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