04 Dec 18

Sintecsys recived Sony Executives visit (Latin America)

Last week (05/24), Sony (Latin America) executives landed in Brazil. Mr. Alex Squarize and Mr. Dario Vommaro, spending the day with Sintecsys in our showroom in Piracicaba-SP.

The objective of the meeting was to know in detail in addition to field tests of the solution for automatic detection of fire outbreaks in forests and plantations, so that this important commercial partnership is started.

For the founders of Sintecsys, Rogério Cavalcante and Mateus Paiva, who accompanied the executives and presented the details of the central monitoring and testing with 100% assertiveness, the meeting was very productive and enriching.

Expectation of great novelties for the external market where Sony has an important presence and can count on the Sintecsys solution in the early detection of forest fires and in plantations, reinforcing its performance in the Agro segment.

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