04 Dec 18

Sintecsys in the list of the most promising companies

Sintecsys ranks among the 100 Open Startups, ranking 2nd in the “Environment Category” and 56th in the overall ranking. In this category (environment), only Sintecsys and three other companies ranked in the overall ranking.

The 100 Open Startups is a platform that connects small to large companies and lists the 100 startups most attractive in the market view and ready to receive investment. The announcement and delivery of the certification occurred in the first week of July.

For the definition of the 2018 list, 9,000 executives from 800 large connected companies evaluated 4,600 active startups, recording 32,000 ratings, establishing more than 1,500 relationships between 275 startups and 243 large companies.

The complete list of companies in the 100 Open Startups is available here.

By the press, the repercussion of the theme was also highlighted:

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