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Santa Maria River water collection in Queimados area by Cesan (Photo: Marcelo Prest/ A Gazeta)

Four towns in the mountainous region of Espírito Santo were included in the extremely critical situation list due to the drought, since September 9th. As a result, irrigation in these cities has been banned. The use of water becomes a priority for human and animal consumption.

The four cities are on the banks of the rivers that supply Vitória’s greater area, Jucu and Santa Maria da Vitória. Municipalities are: Domingos Martins, Marechal Floriano, Santa Maria de Jetibá and Santa Leopoldina. Resolution 42/2016 of the State Agency for Water Resources (Agerh) was published in the Official State Gazette on the 9th.

The document cancels the agreements that the municipal committees have made with the rural producers and relies on the alert scenario experienced by the state, the permanence of the drought period and the imminent danger of shortages in the municipalities that integrate Greater Vitória to justify the decision.

The two rivers that supply Greater Victoria – Jucu and Santa Maria da Vitória – are flowing far below the critical limit. In one of them, the flow dropped again last Friday (16).

The two no longer reach the sea. They are retained at the stone junction that guarantees volume for Cesan’s water collection.

According to Roberto Ribeiro, executive secretary of the Santa Maria Basin Committee, the spring situation is very critical. “The volume of water that exists today in Rio Bonito Dam guarantees supply for another 25 days,” he said.

According to Cesan, responsible for the supply of Greater Vitória, the industrial sector – Vale and Arcelor – consumes 349,163 m³ (monthly average), about 34% less than in 2015. The water supplied to companies comes from the capture made by Cesan in both rivers.

The company said that, faced with a possible water rationing for residents, “will meet what determines the legislation, with priority for human supply and animal consumption,” reported by note.

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