Fire outbreak
detection system.

Sintecsys is a monitoring system that detects fire outbreak quickly and effectively.

Designed for remote areas, this solution does not require electricity (using photovoltaic system) and also internet, because it’s data traffic system that enables 360 degrees online monitoring, 24 hours and 7 days a week.


Sintecsys identifies the exact position of the fire outbreak by triangulation within 3 minutes. The precise coordinate helps on the orientation of the nearest fire brigade.

All of this within a radius of up to 15 kilometers, equivalent to 70 thousands of area.

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News about Sintecsys and the highlights of technology, agribusiness and innovation segments:

Sintecsys stands out among the solutions for agribusiness07 Jan 19

In matters in the specialized channel in Agro Terra Viva / Band, the look of the solutions that bring the competence to the field. Check out a full article here:

Solution’s specificitys around the country are highlighted, supported by InovaBRA’s program04 Jan 19

The projects in operation and the look at the specificities of each region of Brazil in the new projects being executed by Sintecsys are highlighted in the approach of Revista Rural de December  (Year XXI, nº 247 pages 38 to 48), which also brings the look of investments from the financial sector to technologies in the field. “The […]

Colombo Group emphazises contribution of Sintecsys technology to regional sustainability05 Dec 18

On November 22th, the Colombo Agricultural Company inaugurated its Central Fire Monitoring Center (CMI), located in the facilities of the Colombo Power Plant. The Central operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system implanted covers the 69 thousand hectares of sugarcane area managed by the Company and is composed of four automatic […]

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