04 Dec 18

From Space, austronauts photographs the California wildfire’s impacts

North-American State lives the most devastating fire of history: An area equivalent to the Rio de Janeiro city was damaged by the flames.

Two wildfires that hitted, since the final of july, the nothern California, in United States, have become one and have already consumed more than 1,100 square kilometers – almost the equivalent of Rio de Janeiro City. The event, that is burning the Mendocino National Forest, is considered the worse  fire in recent history of North-American State.

For register the occurrence’s impact, austronauts disclosed photos taken from space that displays the burned area’s extention. From International Space Station (ISS), the cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev disclosed some images that was shared by the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos):

Photo by the cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev (Foto: Disclosure/Roscosmos)


Partner of Artemyev and aboard the ISS, the german austronaut Alexander Gerst also posted his register, that was post in European Space Agency’s social medias:

Image from geman austronaut Alex Gerst (Foto: Disclosure/ESA)

The american Ricky Arnold, from NASA, shared photos that he took aboard in the ISS:

The american Ricky Arnold, from NASA, shared photos that he took aboard in the ISS

According to north-american researchers, the fire must last until the final of august, at least. For while, just 30% of the fire’s extension it’s contained – the dry weather and the strong wind that reach the region difficults the 3,9 thousand firemen’s work who fight for contain the wildfire.

The local authorities claim that 169 residences it’s already destroyed and 9,9 thousand buildings are under risk of being reached, in case that the wildfire continue spreading.

This is not the only fire that is hitting California in this moment: the Carr, that impacts an area in the north of the state too, already left seven people dead. More than 690 square kilometers was consumed by the fire.

Photo of Carr’s wildfire (Souce: Wikimedia Commons )

The US Federal Government announced the sending of soldiers for help with the firefighting. Helicopters and airplanes for dump water on the fire it’s being using too for the effort to reduce the flames.

Souce: Galileu Magazine (https://glo.bo/2QCIjZC)

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