05 Dec 18

Drone images shows the destruction caused by the fire in Paradise city, California

Images made by drone shows the devastating effect of wildfires in Paradise-CA, where it was found 81 bodies by the authorities.

There are still 870 people missing. However, rain is expected for this wedenesday (21st) and maybe in the next days, that can help to control the flames, but can also tease inundations, convert the ashes in kind of a thick paste and drag the humans rests, difficulting the task of seach and indentify the victims.

The number of missing people were floating in last few days in middle of confusion of searching bodies in Paradise’s locality.

Initiated on november 8th, the “camp fire”, like it was nicknamed, already damage 615km² and more than 12.600 residences. It was interrupted in 75%.

Other three people died in other wildfire deflagrated in Malibu’s zone, in southern of the state of the west coast of United States.

Map show active fire outbreak in California — Photo: G1 Art


Family got emotionally last sunday (18) coming back to their home’s local that was completely damaged by the Camp Fire in Paradise, Califórnia — Photo: Josh Edelson / AFP


Dwellers of affected regions by the fire, camp in parking lot in Chico, California – Photo: Joshj Edelson / AFP


Image of november 15th shows houses destroyed by the Camp Fire, in Paradise, California – Photo: Noah Berger/AP


Neighborhood totally decimated by the flames in Paradise, California – Photo: Noah Berger / AP Photo


Search and rescue dog tries to found mortal rests in Paradise California – Photo Locher / AP Photo


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