05 Dec 18

Colombo Group emphazises contribution of Sintecsys technology to regional sustainability

On November 22th, the Colombo Agricultural Company inaugurated its Central Fire Monitoring Center (CMI), located in the facilities of the Colombo Power Plant. The Central operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system implanted covers the 69 thousand hectares of sugarcane area managed by the Company and is composed of four automatic fire detection cameras, which make a 360 ° turn every minute.

The shareholder of the Colombo Group, Sidinei Colombo, explained at the time that the Group will, through the Sintecsys solution, promote sustainability in the region and minimize the occurrence of fires, the time of attendance of occurrences and the damages caused by them. “This will bring benefits to the environment and people’s health and will reduce the release of CO2 into the atmosphere,” he added. “We seek, more and more, to be a sustainable group that lives in harmony with society and the environment.”

The Agricultural Manager of the Ariranha unit, José Luis Boin Menossi, emphasized that the implementation of the monitoring system was an investment of the company aiming at more rapidity and assertiveness in the fight against fires.

Captain Alessandro Daleck, commander of the Environmental Police of São José do Rio Preto, also present at the opening ceremony of the Central, recalled that “any investment in terms of prevention is very well seen in the eyes of society, which he feels, especially in times of drought, the damage caused by fires, in relation to fauna, flora and, especially, air quality. ”

For Sintecsys CEO, Rogério Cavalcante, also present at the delivery of the Monitoring Center, representing Sintecsys, the pride in seeing the solution fulfilling its purpose of contributing to the reduction of the environmental impacts caused by the fires, since the great differential is detect the smoke in the first few minutes, and with that, fight the focus before it spreads. “Honored and very proud to see Sintecsys as an ally of a large group like Columbo for the sake of sustainability, the environment and society as a whole.”

New CMI of Colombo (Ariranha-SP Unity)


Sidnei and Gumercindo Colombo along with members of the Environmental Police of São José do Rio Preto


Presentation of Sintecsys technology inside the Fire Monitoring Center


Sintecsys CEO Rogério Cavalcante (middle), next to Sidinei (right) and Gumercindo (left) Colombo
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